How to Request an Appointment

You can request an appointment in the following ways:

We operate a total triage system and each request will be triaged by one of the team.

Face to face appointments, if needed, will be booked.

On the Day Appointments

We are currently dealing with the demand each day and therefore appointments are not available to book ahead  for certain problems

To book a triage call, please telephone the practice, visit our Consulting Room or book using your online account.  You will then be either:

  • Advised to attend another health care provider
  • Advised to visit a pharmacist
  • Advised to self care
  • Booked an appointment for another day
  • Given advice over the telephone
  • Asked to come to see one of the team

This ensures we treat as many of our patients as possible.

In order to maximise on our appointments, the care navigator will ask details as to why the appointment is needed. The care navigator can signpost you to the most appropriate service or clinician. If you are unable to say, please tell the call handler and your choice will be respected.

Cancelling Appointments

To cancel, you can:

Appointments at the practice are in great demand and whilst the failure to attend one appointment may be an oversight on your part, it does nothing to help us to meet the ever increasing demand for appointments.

On average we have 120 ‘Failed to Attend’ appointments per month, which equates to one doctor’s time for a whole week. We simply do not have the resources to accommodate so many missed appointments. Because of this, we are obliged to operate a policy of removing patients from our list if they fail to attend for appointments on more than two occasions.