Are you a Carer?

Carers are people who spend a significant proportion of their life providing unpaid support to relatives, friends or neighbours who are ill, frail, disabled or who have mental health or substance misuse problems.

Anyone can become a carer at any age and stage of their life. Carers often have to juggle their caring responsibilities with work/education, family, friends and everyday life. This can sometimes prove difficult and as a result the health and well being of the carer can suffer.

To register as a carer at the surgery please complete theĀ Carers Registration Form.

Carers Support Service

Carers in Bedfordshire provide support to carers of all ages across Bedfordshire including:

  • Telephone, email and web advice and information
  • Specialist one to one support (such as for people caring for someone with a Mental Health problem)
  • Group support
  • Support to enable carers to be confident, active partners in the decision making processes of all partner organisations
  • Administering the NHS Carers Break and Training Grant service
  • Running carers Cafes at weekends across Bedfordshire

For advice, information and support contact Carers in Bedfordshire on

You can also find useful information in the carers section which has just been launched on the NHS Carers information website.