Klinik – 12/02/2024

Important information on changes to our system for requesting an appointment from 12 February 2024 – Please read.

We will be moving to a full online consultation service on 12 February 2024 so for patients who have online access we will be asking them to request most services including all appointments using our online tool. This will mean you can go to our website from 7.00 am and click on the Klinik Contact us online box, rather than ringing the surgery at 8.00 am.

We want to re-assure you we are still here to support patients who don’t have online access and will take you through the same process over the phone or face to face. If you are using the online tool or calling the surgery, please be aware that you will not be given an appointment while you are online, on the phone or at reception.

We will be posting more information next week on Facebook and our website.

If you are already using Klinik

To help us make these changes please be aware that Klinik will be unavailable from 1pm on Friday 9 February 2024 until 7.00am on Monday 12 February. Please make any requests before 1pm on the 9th.

Thank you for your continued support.